About me.

I originate from Hiroshima, Japan. A twin, my sister was born with a vascular birthmark commonly known as a “Port wine stain”, everyday I would intently watch my mother apply foundation to her face before school, fascinated I naturally gravitated towards the makeup industry.

I trained in Tokyo and after graduation went to Paris to further my studies – upon returning to Japan I worked in the fashion industry as a makeup assistant in Tokyo before moving to London in 2013 to start my own makeup career working for many clients such as Jimmy Choo, Vogue, ELLE, British Fashion Awards, Red carpet events, e-commerce and personal clients. 

Also qualified for para-medical skin camouflage I can work with individuals for non-infectious skin conditions, helping to restore confidence in their appearance.

My skill is natural beauty and I believe in the beauty in every face, my job is bring out and enhance your own natural beauty.

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